Monday, August 8, 2022

 Interview with Alma Alexander

Author of

Changer of Days, Fractured Fairy Tales, and The Second Star

Please tell me a little about your current work in progress.

Currently wibbling between several projects to embark on – a science fiction novel, an urban fantasy, a historical fantasy, or an epic fantasy follow-up story on my “Changer of Days” novel which has just been released as a 20th anniversary edition. I am leaning towards the SF book mainly because one of the characters is turning insistent – but I haven’t made up my mind yet….

Where did you get the idea for this book or series?

If we’re talking about the science fiction novel I mentioned in question 1…the roots of it lie in a dream. I’ve done that before, for stories – dreamed either the whole thing or a beginning which then gets embroidered on and expanded as I start to think more about it.

Do you write in more than one genre?

Yes. Several. But mostly I swim in “fantasy” waters, with various subgenres coming into play.

Tell me about something that you believe makes your writing unique or worthy of attention.

I build good worlds, I am told. I am also told I create memorable characters who stay with the reader long after the book is over. I’ll take either as a massive compliment.

Is there anything about your personal history or personality that manifests strongly in your writing?

A great writer and a literary idol of mine once told me that the fact that I read and write a lot of poetry makes my voice a unique one – there is a certain lyricism that translates through into the prose. My love of language shines through.

What else would be helpful for readers to know about you?

I truly enjoy hearing from readers who liked my stories. So don’t hesitate to contact me (there’s a helpful form to do so on my website…)

Excluding your own work, what underrated author or book would you recommend that more people read? Why?

There is a book by a new author coming out very soon and all I can say is, keep an eye out for Colm O’Shea in 2022…

Which of your books do you most highly recommend? Why?

That would depend on what kind of thing you want to read right now. I would seriously suggest going to the Book Table on my website and browsing for whatever sort of thing takes your fancy at this moment. There’s sure to be something there that will qualify.

Which break, event, decision, or fortuitous circumstance has helped you or your writing career the most?

There is a novel – “Secrets of Jin Shei” – that sold internationally in a dozen languages, and helped to buy my house with its royalties. That helped… with everything.

What question do you wish you would get asked more often?

I don’t know. Perhaps the perfect question hasn’t even been asked yet and I don’t know I miss it…

Do you have a catch-phrase or quote that you like? What is it? And why do you choose it?

Something I am often quoted on: “If you want to be a writer, nobody can stop you. If you don’t, nobody can help you.” It all lies within you, your passion, your dreams, your faith. If that is something that a person wants, a life of words, then they should pursue it with everything they’ve got.


Thanks to Alma for participating.

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5 Stars 
A Thrilling Addition to a Fantastic Series!

August 1, 2022

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The 3rd entry in the Tomahawks and Dragon Fire Series continues the action and excitement of this series and builds to a crescendo. We see the introduction of the malevolent Stone Cats, a worthy addition to the mythical creature menagerie. Set in the time of the American Revolution, the fictional crew is joined by the introduction of George Washington to the characters in the story. The skirmish at Jumonville glen is detailed with grisly detail. Note that the historical references are there for atmosphere - as the story is primarily a fantasy set in an alternate history. The battles in this book are truly epic, I can't give too many details so as not to reveal spoilers. We see further development in the cast of characters and more magic and powers. The classics quoting outdoorsman, Lee, a personal favorite has an important part to play - as do the indomitable pair - Iago and Atu, a mute midget and his eloquent translator islander friend. i really enjoyed this book - on to the next book!

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