Sunday, December 26, 2021


I begin with the traditional symbol of the season. Daughter did most of the decorations. I contributed by staying out of the way.

We had a very merry Christmas, and I hope you did too. If you're wondering what to get with that Amazon gift certificate you got. Let me recommend this book the paperback of which I saw for the first time today. Although my author copies haven't yet arrived, one of my fans had received hers and let me take a gander at it. I like it.

Speaking of paperback books: I found this after diligent search some months back. I had to wait a lengthy time for it to arrive.

I've been reading it in gulps of a chapter or so at a time on a weekly basis. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it if you have even the least bit of interest in Desaix. Without a doubt, Napoleon owes his victory at Marengo to Desaix's timely return to the field. Fortunately for Bonaparte, Desaix wasn't able to remind him of that fact with every breath he took by surviving the battle.

I needed the book for both personal interest as well as research for a future novel--or series of novels--in which Desaix will play a prominent role.


Daughter informs me that we are renaming the "Back to the Future, Back in Time" game to: "Back to the Failure" because we lose every time.

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