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Author Interview with

Katharine Wibell

Author of The Guardian's Speaker, The Djed Chronicles, The Incarn Saga, and more

Please tell me a little about your current work in progress.

I am currently working on further installments of my Viking novella series, The Guardian’s Speaker. The series is based on Norse mythology, and readers will get to explore the nine worlds located in and around Yggdrasil, the world tree, as well as meet a vast number of beasts and beings from that mythos.

The first novella begins with Líf Lothbransdottir. Though she is the sibling of two of the most elite warriors in her village, she is a rather meek and solitary young woman. This is due to the fact that she was born with the ability to see and communicate with each person’s fylgja, an animal-shaped guardian spirit. Líf has grown accustomed to being treated as an outcast and even come to accept her life. That is until she meets another with a similar gift who brings a warning that all humanity is at risk of destruction. Only he can stop this calamity. The problem is that he is a slave, and he is not hers to free.

Where did you get the idea for this book or series?

I have always been fascinated with mythology of all sorts. I developed the idea for this series after learning about the four parts of self which people during the Viking era believed. This included the fylgja, an individual animal guardian spirit associated with each person. I knew I had to write about these strange entities.

Do you write in more than one genre?

All my books and series so far are epic, high fantasy though I do span multiple age brackets from young adult through adult literature.

Tell me about something that you believe makes your writing unique or worthy of attention.

My answer is twofold. First, I love to pull from the source materials of world mythologies. From them, I like to reintroduce creatures and beings that have all but been forgotten as well as depict more readily known entities in fresh and novel ways.

Secondly, I do like to subtly open a dialogue regarding various inequalities whether sexism, racism, or religious persecution. These concepts can make even the most fantastical story relatable and “real”.

Is there anything about your personal history or personality that manifests strongly in your writing?

I love to write about physically strong and spunky women. Although these characters are not always the main heroine, I cannot help but relate to that sort of archetypal being since I am an advocate of fitness and medieval style weapons training.

What else would be helpful for readers to know about you?

I do adjust the level of grit and darker material based on the intended age of the reader.. My young adult series, The Djed Chronicles, is meant to be a fun adventure fantasy, but my new adult and adult books can get rather dark. Be warned, I am not afraid to kill off my characters.

Excluding your own work, what underrated author or book would you recommend that more people read? Why?

I primarily read ancient epic poetry and prose—the source material for mythologies. With that said, it is very hard for me to answer your question at this point. One of my favorite books is the Poetic Edda which focuses on Nordic mythology.

Which of your books do you most highly recommend? Why?

This is like asking someone to pick their favorite child. I am more inclined to recommend the first book of one of my series based on one’s age bracket. Today, I will select The Guardian’s Speaker series since we talked about it earlier. Volume One was a recent finalist for the 2021 International Book Awards for Fiction Novellas. If you enjoy darker adult fantasy, Vikings, or mythology in general, this book and series is for you.

Which break, event, decision, or fortuitous circumstance has helped you or your writing career the most?

There are several fortuitous events, but going back to the beginning, getting advice from another indie author, Tarrant Smith, just as I was just starting to figure everything out was a lifesaver. She walked me though the self-publishing process and even Beta read my initial book. I would have been at a loss of what to do without her encouragement.

What question do you wish you would get asked more often?

What is my favorite mythical animal? Ha-ha! That would be the dragon. Fun fact: One of my majors in college was fine art. The theme of my solo art show was the history of the dragon!

Do you have a catch-phrase or quote that you like? What is it? And why do you choose it?

To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour”

--- William Blake

That quote has always given me the shivers. It is both elegant and thought provoking.

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Thanks to Katharine for participating. Her website looks great.

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