Sunday, March 20, 2022


The play testing continues with the Wreck at the Ruins scenario. This is a great scenario. It's fun and doesn't take too long to play. It's the third scenario, and changes the flavor from musketeerian to Barsoomian. I won't give the complete details here because I've given an AAR of the scenario before using a previous iteration of the rules. I think the rules are even better with the latest changes. Here are the high points of the rumble between red and green warriors searching for the prize.

The green warrior at the top of the picture, Bak Badja, shoots Mardos Tors in the foreground (or maybe it was in the leg or the side) for a serious with a radium gun. Mardos Tors dashes for cover.

During his search for the Melihum Princess, Bak Badja disturbs the white simian  - it attacks

The combat dice for this combat –they each wound the other, and Bak Badja, in desperation, races for the exit before the simian can grab or whack him again.

Meanwhile, Han Tadron finds some healing balm which he got to Mardos Tors to reduce his serious wound to a minor one.

Bak Badja leaves the white simian behind and moves to attack Nantos Nan.

However, the white simian has been enraged. It bounds after the green warrior even as Bak Badja tries to engage Nantos Nan.

The pale ape closes and attacks before Bak Badja can deal with Nantos Nan.

The simian raises his club and bashes Bak Badja who tries to get away from the fury of the beast. Nantos Nan sees an opportunity. He skewers the green warrior before the enemy can escape. Of course, that leaves the great ape all for him.

Vak Voka, the other green warrior at the ruins, has searched a room, only to have the wounded Mardos Tors blast him with a radium pistol. The green warrior falls dead.

Dav Ravos of the red warriors finally finds the princess, and begins carrying her to safety.

The pale simian leaps over the dead Zarhoon to get at Nantos Nan.

Instead of the picture of Nantos Nan being clubbed by the ape, and backing away to empty his pistol into the big pale target, I have a picture of dice--don't ask me why. Anyway with both green warriors face-down in the sward, and the corpse of the big white brute providing some ambiance in the street, there are no enemies left to hinder the warriors in getting the princess to safety.

I played this scenario three times through the week. The red men were victorious every time. The green men had the misfortune to find the simian every time. They did find the princess in two of the three matches, but the red men managed to rescue her both times. The green men did fare better each time--as I remembered to give them the benefit of using two weapons. On the last outing, but for Nantos Nan's special, but limited, skill in avoiding unfavorable combat results, the green men would have been triumphant as they killed two red warriors and wounded a third before being driven from the ruins.

Overall, it was highly playable, fun, and fast-paced. I think the K-man and RC would enjoy it.


On the writing front, the Tomahawks and Dragon Fire prequel is making progress. The story of how the commander acquired his stone is complete. The matter of Lucette and the acquisition of Cartier's map is still underway. Outrageous fortune is hitting Lucette without mercy, and leaving her world forever changed.

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